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One of the things I love most about being a professional organizer is knowing I made a difference in my clients’ lives. Here are some reviews from clients who are happy with the changes I helped them make.

"Best decision"

“I hired Hilda as a home organizer to help with my move last May and it was probably one of the best decisions I made in the entire process. It was truly time well spent - not a minute was idle, even on our breaks! All of my belongings were arranged, packed well, and labelled intuitively. Previously I enlisted her help organizing my small condo and she suggested furniture I could buy that would maximize the space and fit my budget. Every time time we meet she shares tips on how to space save and organize that I never thought of or knew.

Hilda is kind, non-judgemental, knows her stuff, and really values your time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Sarah B (Mississauga, Ontario)

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"Hilda Rodgers should be your first call"

“Whether you seek to make better use of your living or work space or you need someone to help you combat serious clutter, Hilda Rodgers should be your first call.  She will come to wherever you are and quickly assess your needs and logically map out a solution.  In a non-judgemental fashion she helped me to reduce clutter in my kitchen making it a more functional area.  She was able to identify items that were redundant or rarely used and suggest ideas allowing me the final say in a plan of action to transform the space.  I liked her approach especially as she made me feel comfortable and not embarrassed of my clutter; above all she took care to consider my special psychological needs as a confessed “pack rat”.  If I had trouble letting go of an item, she had tips and suggestions to help me to reframe the decision in my mind and keep me realistically focused on my goals.  She redesigned the location of some items to a more practical location and helped me purge some items.  As a result, my kitchen is now my favourite room in my home as it is not only functional but is a pleasure to be in as it is not over-cluttered.  I encourage anyone looking to become more organized in any room of their home or office to allow Hilda the opportunity to inspire you.”

Elizabeth H. (Mississauga, Ontario)

"Highly recommend"

“Thank you for improving our lives. I Highly recommend Hilda and her team for their professionalism, kindness and excellent services. I first contacted Hilda to book a package to help me get some organization in our home. I was ill, and needed to clear out a storage room to become a guest room. Within a few days, the room was cleared and turned into a welcoming guest room. Next, was a much bigger project, the basement, living room, toy room, laundry room that were so cluttered that we no longer could step into the rooms. Many years of accumulation seemed impossible prior to Hilda & Colin arriving & helping me make decisions about what to keep, donate, and reorganize. I now love going downstairs to the basement, especially to the living and laundry room with so much new space. The new organization system now ensures that everything has a space, and no more opportunity to gather clutter. Genuine thanks and 5 star recommendation!”

Helen F. (Mississauga, Ontario)

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"Made me feel relaxed"

“Hilda has an amazing, friendly, and positive approach.  She works effectively and efficiently in completing tasks.  Hilda helped me with packing and unpacking when we moved….no that makes it sound too easy.  Trust me, this was a task for a minimum 4 person team!  She had the task of packing up 4 double door/walk-in closets in literally 3 hours.   Hilda is trustworthy and reliable, as proven when she took on the packing by herself, without any need for direction.  Then at the new house, because of Hilda’s strong organizational skills and efficient work ethic, she ensured our new home was fully unpacked and organized…on the same day we moved!  Her unique and creative solutions, coupled with her hard work, made me feel relaxed and took away any anxiety that a big move creates.  I would hire Hilda unconditionally, because I know with her I will go from feeling overwhelmed to organized!”

Natasha F. (Oakville, Ontario)

"Knows her stuff"

“I would highly recommend getting a personal organizer like Hilda.  We have used house cleaners before in our house, and they help a lot, but they were never able to deal with the real issues, which are getting rid of clutter and setting up organizing systems that keep our house neat and tidy.  Hilda was able to help us eliminate our clutter and implement systems that work for our family to help keep our home clean and organized.  The kids’ homework area is the best example.  Hilda established a backpack location, where everything goes when our two kids come home from school, and everything stays until it is needed the next day.  This allows our front door area to stay clean and uncluttered when guests arrive.  Thanks so much Hilda!!”

Mohammed A. (Oakville, Ontario)

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"Thanks so much Hilda!"

“I would highly recommend getting a personal organizer like Hilda.  We have used house cleaners before in our house, and they help a lot, but they were never able to deal with the real issues, which are getting rid of clutter and setting up organizing systems that keep our house neat and tidy.  Hilda was able to help us eliminate our clutter and implement systems that work for our family to help keep our home clean and organized.  The kids’ homework area is the best example.  Hilda established a backpack location, where everything goes when our two kids come home from school, and everything stays until it is needed the next day.  This allows our front door area to stay clean and uncluttered when guests arrive.  Thanks so much Hilda!!”

David R. (Mississauga, Ontario)

"Angel added to my life"

“Hilda has been an absolute angel added to my life. I have never been an organized person, just born that way. But after a particularly difficult time in my life, my house was a complete disaster. I finally started looking for someone to help me. I was very pleasantly surprised when I met Hilda. Lovely lady, just a really nice person.

After we focused on getting rid of as much clutter as we could, we were then able to start working on the organizing. And during the declutter, we must have got rid of 90% of the stuff that I needed to get rid of. And Hilda hauls it all away for you which was also a great relief off my mind Hilda has lots of smart ideas to help set up a good organization system.

What I really like is that her organizing systems also have decluttering embedded right in them. My real downfall with organization is paperwork. Thank God Hilda helped me organize the paperwork that was strewn all over my floor as when my mom died, everything was easy to find and access. If I have not had Hilda, I would still be working through every piece of paper and sweating with stress.

Hilda doesn’t mind doing anything as long as it will help you feel decluttered and organized. She even helps me go through my mail as she knows that if I do it on my own I will just leave it unattended for weeks.

She is also a very hard worker who is so goal oriented during her time at your house but it is hard to even get her to stop and chat for five seconds Hilda has been an absolute lifesaver. And she is a real sweetie pie!!

P.S. if you need other services in your house, she generally knows of people that she can refer to help you with those chores. I would highly recommend her to every single person I could.”

Corinne C (Mississauga, Ontario)

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"I couldn’t have done it without her!”

“Hilda, owner of From Overwhelmed To Organized, came to help me pare down my possessions before moving.  Even with her busy schedule, she was very accommodating to arrange a working time that was convenient for me. Her supportive manner and professional expertise were just what I needed.  Whenever I found it hard to decide whether or not to keep something, she clarified the decision with practical questions and options so I could easily decide.  This kept the process going smoothly and we got a lot done in a short time.  This relieved a great deal of the pressure I had been feeling regarding the move. Since I needed to relocate for a few days to another suite before my inter-provincial move, Hilda kindly arranged and packed everything I needed for this temporary stay so that those essentials would not get mixed up with the main belongings going right away onto the moving truck.

I so appreciated all of Hilda’s work helping me downsize and prepare for the move.  I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Audrey (Mississauga, Ontario)

"We invited her back"

“Hilda Rodgers delivered fabulous seminars during our South Mississauga Free Exchange Mental Wellness Week.

She explored the links between clutter and mental health, providing participants with valuable information and practical tips to help them declutter their homes. She offered strategies for identifying key areas to address and guidance on how to begin the decluttering process.

Her presentations were so well-received that we invited her back the following year.”

Christine Dore-Scaini (Mississauga, Ontario)

"Clutter sorted to donate or recycle"

“I would highly recommend Hilda’s services. She came to my home and organized a “craft room”, that was a total disaster. I expected to have tons of garbage to throw away but Hilda is very conscientious- the majority of the clutter was sorted to donate or recycle with very little garbage.

For me, it was an overwhelming task but in 1 afternoon with Hilda the room was totally organized and more functional than before.”

Diane L (Mississauga, Ontario)

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"Helped me every step of the way"

“Since we moved 2 years ago my laundry/furnace/storage room has become a catchall for miscellaneous things. I kept putting off organizing it because it was too overwhelming every time I attempted it! It was really bothering me so I finally contacted Hilda and said ‘please come help’. Well within one day we got it all in order and many bags went to the Salvation Army and nuts and bolts to the Habitat Restore and plastic bags to the Superstore to be recycled. Hilda helped me every step of the way – from helping me make decisions to bagging up donation items to creating systems! The best is everything has a home and it’s a system that I can easily maintain! It really is a pleasure to go down to do laundry or get something out of the fridge or off a shelf! My husband was away on business and came home to this lovely surprise – he was so pleased! Thank you Hilda! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Alison King, Trained Professional Organizer (Oakville, Ontario)

"Got rid of 5 bags"

“She brought her label maker here and we went through old paperwork and clothes. Got rid of 5 bags of stuff. Highly recommend using her if you need a hand.”

Tellie R (Mississauga, Ontario)

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“Hilda your advice was the BEST!!"

“Hilda your advice was the BEST!! I tried other cleaning routines and did not have any luck. The cleaning schedule advice you gave was flexible, so that helped with my hubby’s flexible work schedule. Working with you online through email was helpful also because of my location overseas. Thank you!”

Becca (virtual client)

"Never criticized"

“I do quite a bit of work at home during the evenings and over the weekend and as such a home office is really important. As our family grew my home office was no longer a place where I could work, instead it became a dumping ground for everything that did not have a place elsewhere in our home. My desk became piled up with extraneous items that really had no place in the office. I still had work to complete at home but I was working at the kitchen table or in the family room. My office was a sore point and an embarrassing space to which I just closed the door and pretended that the mess behind that closed door did not exist.

When I finally reached my breaking point I reached out to Hilda for help. Hilda helped me to clear the space, tidy, re-organize, streamline and define the purpose for the office. What was once a space that I dreaded looking at became a place where I actually enjoyed working (as much as anyone actually enjoys work!).

Hilda was patient with me when I was unsure about what I wanted and had great suggestions on how to store and organize things. She was great at helping to make the office a functional space for what I needed. I appreciate that Hilda never criticized my mess or the fact that I had let ‘stuff’ pile up for so long.

Without Hilda’s help I am certain that I would still be working at the kitchen table and that my office space would still be a storage room!!”

Michelle B (Mississauga, ON)

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"Wish I had called her sooner!”

“Hilda was a pleasure to work with as she helped organize our home office. She assessed what our intentions were for using the room and provided great suggestions for maximizing the space and organizing our years of paperwork. She rolled up her sleeves and actively assisted in the sort, making the job much less daunting than doing it on our own. She was very professional, friendly and reliable – I only wish I had called her sooner!!”

Ingrid T (Mississauga, ON)

"Highly recommend Hilda as a Speaker”

“Big thanks to Hilda Rodgers for leading our MAWB Lunch & Learn today! 🙌 Hilda, a professional organizer, shared invaluable organizational tips, suggestions, and products with us.

Personally, I loved the "behind door clear organizer" and the rolling cart idea for my place up north. Plus, using colours to differentiate business and personal appointments in my digital calendar was a game-changer! 🎨🗓️

Highly recommend Hilda as a Speaker for your group or companies learning needs."

Christine Hull (Mississauga, Ontario)

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"Stop looking and hire Hilda"

“I would highly recommend Hilda to organize / declutter any area of the home. Like most people, we lead a busy/active lifestyle and we just don’t have the time to clean/organize and pick up after our young kids. Hilda takes all those stresses and worries away, she was very punctual, didn’t waste any time during the days, and more than did the job. She made sure every aspect of our wants were taken care of with clear communication throughout the visits and even stayed past the time booked to make sure the job was done right. Now our kids can actually have friends over and utilize all areas of the house.
If anyone is looking for some help, just stop looking and hire Hilda, you won’t be disappointed.”

J.M. (Georgetown, Ontario)

"Loved her advice and suggestions"

“From the moment she walked in the door, Hilda began helping me assess my needs as well as ways to tackle the clutter and disorganization in our home. Before we began working in the “target area” for the day, Hilda took time to talk to me about some of the other areas that were connected and also causing me stress. She gave some really great suggestions that I hope to implement before her next visit. I especially loved her advice and suggestions about my front door and closet for dealing with the ‘entry way craziness’ that comes with living with a family of 5. Not only that, but she threw in other ideas that have helped her organize her own family and the ‘stuff’ that seems to collect when one has little ones around; again, an added bonus that I hope to put into practice soon! Hilda’s gentle questions helped me to figure things out without feeling judged. I appreciated her calm presence and the ways that she enabled me to see space in a new light. Thanks, Hilda!”

Kristen R (Guelph, Ontario)


“We are in great shape now thanks to your help! We can park both cars in the garage on snowy days which is awesome.”

Michael M (Mississauga, Ontario)

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