The first step is usually a 30-minute in-home assessment. We will:

  • Talk about the project(s) at hand
  • Discuss your budget, goals, and time frame
  • Schedule mutually agreeable session times

The assessment can be waived after a phone conversation in certain circumstances

Fee: $100 (credited off 1st session if agreement is signed and deposit/package is paid within 7 days)

Contact me here to get started!

Service options to suit your needs

Hourly rate for Hilda:


  • 3 hour minimum
  • Payable at end of session

Starter Package:

Hilda + 1 organizer for 3 hours = $450

  • For new clients, 1 time only
  • Payable at time of booking
  • Includes 1 car load of donations

Team Projects:

2 organizers = $160/hour:

  • 4 hour minimum
  • Includes 1 car load of donations

3 organizers = $230/hour:

  • 5 hour minimum
  • Includes 2 car loads of donations

4 organizers = $300/hour:

  • 6 hour minimum
  • Includes 3 car loads of donations

5 organizers = $360/hour:

  • 6 hour minimum
  • Includes 4 car loads of donations


  • E-transfer, cash, or cheque accepted
  • HST will be collected on all fees
  • For team projects, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking
  • For team projects, the recommended # of organizers depends on the scope and timeline of project

Gift Certificates are available

Ready to get organized?

Hilda Rodgers at a computer ready to answer your questions.