Preparing Homes for Listing

From Overwhelmed to Organized can help make this transition as smooth as possible! 

Are you listing your home for sale soon and need help decluttering first? 

Has your realtor or stager told you that you need to declutter or pack up some of your belongings before they can stage your home or take pictures for the listing? 

Are you a realtor with a client who needs help decluttering before you can list their home?

Before & After Halway (1)
Organized storage unit

My team will:

  • Help you declutter items you no longer need, use, or will have space for in your next home
  • Pack items that aren’t needed until after you move (off-season decor/clothing, photos, personal items, etc.)
  • Store packed items in your garage or basement, or arrange for them to be moved to a storage unit
  • Move items as needed to create space for repairs, painting, etc.
  • Determine places you can quickly “hide” some items before showings to keep your home staged
  • Set aside items that may be useful for staging
  • Work with a “to-do list” from a stager
  • Purchase all necessary packing supplies for you