Packing & Unpacking

Moving is a very stressful time, but we can help make it less overwhelming! 


Why hire a professional organizer instead of having movers pack?

  • We help you plan where items will go in your next home and pack towards that plan, making unpacking much quicker
  • My team can help you declutter before or during the packing process, so you’re not taking items to your new home that you don’t need, use, love, or have space for
  • We can pack in phases, rather than all at the last minute
  • We label all boxes/bins based on where they will be unpacked in your next home, not the room they were packed in


Why hire a professional organizer instead of having movers unpack?

  • We can guide the movers on where items go as they unpack the truck(s) to make the day less overwhelming for you
  • My team can organize your items as we unpack, in a way that works for you and your family in your new home
  • We can help you maximize the space in your new home
  • We will not just unpack but will set up rooms so you’re ready for your first night (make beds, hang towels, make sure your coffee pot, coffee, and mugs are ready for the next morning, etc.)
  • We can help you declutter as you see whether items will work in your new home
  • We will ensure you don’t have boxes that remain unpacked, even weeks/months after your move

Let us help you make your move an organized one!