Organize Stuffed Animals On the Back of a Door!

Do your kids have stuffed animals all over their beds, dressers, bookshelves, or, let’s be honest here, their floors? I’m convinced those creatures multiply during the night. And asking some kids to part with them is like tearing out their limbs! 

When my kids were younger, we needed a solution for all their stuffed friends. Since I love using the back of a door to organize, I bought 2 pocket organizers and put one on the back of each of their bedroom doors.

I used one previously for my toiletries in my linen closet, and it saved me so much space on the shelves. It’s such a great way to maximize vertical space!

Overdoor show bag installed in bathroom closet.

Let’s start with my son’s room. I didn’t take a before picture, but some of his stuffed animals were in his toybox (which was rarely opened because the top was a dumping ground). Several others were in a bin in his closet, a few were in his bed (but often fell onto the floor), and a bunch were floating around his room on his desk, dresser, night table, and floor. Craziness!

Here’s a picture of the stuffies on the back of his door.

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals.

I love how many animals fit in these pockets!  Some of his smaller stuffies share a pocket too. 

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals.

 I love how this turned out!  At least now he can see his stuffed friends. And they’re not cluttering up the rest of his room! 

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals.

This made his room so much tidier! Cute storage for him and his animals, and no more clutter for the rest of the family. Woo hoo!

I did a similar thing in my daughter’s room.

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals and dolls.

I kept some of both kids’ favourite animals at heights they can reach so they can switch them out or play with them when they want to.  At the top we put some of the ones they are less likely to want to take out.

My daughter doubled up some of her small stuffed animals too.  

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals.

She only needed four rows of her shoe organizer to store stuffed animals. With two empty rows at the bottom of my daughter’s pocket organizer, there was room for her Barbies to have a home as well.

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold dolls.

And yes, those Barbies don’t have clothes. Keeping it real here folks!

The Barbies are probably a touch too tall for these pockets and they hang forward a bit. But they don’t fall out so that works for me. There’s even room to double them up. Great solution to the toy clutter in her room!

Overdoor shoe bag installed to hold stuffed animals and dolls.

I’m so glad I purchased these to pocket organizers!  They made a world of difference in both my kids’ rooms. 

Do you use the back of doors to organize in your home? Do your kids have a tough time letting go of stuffed animals? How many stuffies do your kids have? 

If you need help decluttering or organizing, contact me for in-person organizing services in the Mississauga area, or virtual organizing services anywhere else.

Happy organizing!