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A Professional Organizer helps you to overcome clutter and disorganization to make your life less stressful and your time more efficient. You’ll have more time and energy for the people you love and the things you enjoy doing.
    • Are you being overrun with too much paper?
    • Do you often have a hard time finding your phone or your keys?
    • Is it a challenge for you and your family to get ready and out the door in the morning?
    • Are you so deep in “stuff” that you can’t find room to store any more?
    • Are you embarrassed to have friends and family over because there’s too much clutter in your home? Or do you have to shove it all in a spare room and close the door before guests arrive?
    • Do you need help planning your space so that it works more efficiently?
    • Are you going through a major life change such as a move, illness, separation, or death?
    • Are you simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

    A Professional Organizer helps you declutter your home, and also helps establish easy-to-follow systems to help you keep it organized. We are here to help make your home a better place to live.
Clients realize many benefits after hiring an organizer. Some are tangible and some are intangible. Here are just a few of them:
  • Reduced stress
  • Clear space
  • Effective use of resources
  • More time, energy and freedom
  • Better planning skills
  • Effective systems and strategies
Organizing will make your life easier, and, more importantly, happier. Your environment has a huge influence on your attitude, outlook, and stress level. When your environment is in disarray, you feel overwhelmed, which causes stress in other areas of your life. Life is much simpler when your environment is organized and clean, and it’s easy to find things.
This is a common feeling. We feel we should be able to do everything ourselves. We feel guilty if we can't. But recognizing when we need help is a sign of strength. And asking for assistance is just a smart thing to do.

It's like hiring a personal trainer. I know I need to exercise. I even know some exercises I can do on my own. But my efforts will be significantly more effective if I hire a personal trainer.

Just like a trainer, a professional organizer will give you accountability and customized strategies so you'll see longer-lasting results!
I come and evaluate your space(s) as they are (so don’t “clean up” before I come!). We will discuss what your vision is for the space(s), what is currently working for you, and what challenges you’re experiencing. After that, we will discuss your goals, budget, and time frame and set up our first session.
I will tackle anything from your kitchen pantry to your office to your garage. You can see a full listing of areas and rooms serviced on the Services page.
Either! It depends on your goals and availability. If you participate in the process, you will learn to make good decisions about your belongings and your space, which can help you maintain an organized lifestyle. We want to create systems that work for you and your family, so the more involved you are, the more those solutions will help you, which typically leads to a longer-lasting impact.

Many of my clients work from home and I sort and organize while they work and they answer questions or make decisions when they are available. For those who can't be involved at all, I will organize the best I can and leave "homework" piles for you to sort through on your own time. I also offer virtual organizing for clients who need some coaching, but can do most of the work themselves.
No! For the decluttering phase, you will decide which items stay and which ones leave your home. We can sort your belongings, group like items together, make suggestions of what to let go of, and remind you of your goals for your home, but we don’t actually throw out or donate anything you haven’t approved of.
Absolutely! All conversations, belongings, and paperwork are kept completely confidential. To see other guidelines I stand by, please read my Code of Ethics page.
Decluttering and organizing are never really "finished". Ongoing maintenance is typically required. Items continually enter our homes so we need things to leave too, or else our homes will become cluttered and disorganized again. The systems we set up need tweaking as our family needs change.

It's not uncommon for clients to hire me again to help with these changes or to do occasional "resets". I also offer a maintenance package for busy clients who need regular help staying organized.
My clients are primarily in the Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke areas, but I also cover Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, and Brampton. If you are outside this area, I can work with you virtually, we can discuss a travel fee, or I can help you find another professional organizer in your area.
Definitely! We'll work together to find a mutually available time. Most of my sessions are Monday-Friday during the day, but I do offer some evening and weekend sessions as well. And if you're working from home, we can work around your time commitments.
That’s fine! The minimum is only 3 hours. Virtual sessions can be shorter.
Please see the Rates page for details.
I accept e-transfers, cash and cheques. Payment is due at the end of each work session (each day). In some cases a deposit is required.
Simply contact me here and tell me what you need help with, what rooms/areas you’d like organized, and any other details you’d like to include. I will then get back to you and we can set up a time for our initial meeting.

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