Day 18: Plasticware {31 Days of Easy Decluttering}

Welcome back to 31 Days of Easy Decluttering! If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, there are links to them all here.

Today’s Easy Decluttering Project

Today we’re talking about decluttering your plasticware.  AKA Tupperware.  Or leftover containers.  Or a massive pile of stuff that is crazy frustrating when you’re trying to find the right sized container and matching lid and just when you think you’ve found them you get an avalanche of plastic!  You know what I mean?

I’m sure you’ve see the jokes online.

But it’s not funny when you’re trying to maximize your time with your family by getting dinner cleaned up quickly and instead you’re rummaging through the cluttered plastic containers cupboard trying to find the right container and lid to store your leftovers in. 

Note: the tips in this post apply to plastic containers or glass ones.

So, let’s tackle this area of our kitchens today!

Easy Decluttering Steps

Throughout the series, you’ll follow these steps to complete each daily task.  {Don’t forget to take before and after pictures to share too!}

Note: The main purpose of this series is to declutter so don’t get overwhelmed doing too much cleaning.  Once your house is less cluttered it will be easier to clean so you can always come back and do it later!

Also, if you have the time, you can organize the space while you’re doing this step, but don’t get overwhelmed with too much organizing this month.  We’re focused on decluttering!

Purging Tips for Your Plasticware

Follow the steps listed above, and use these tips as you purge (step #5) your plastic leftover dishes:

  • Throw away any containers and lids that are damaged, cracked, or warped beyond usability
  • Recycle all margarine dishes, yogurt containers, etc. (it’s too hard to see what’s in them and they tend to lead to science experiments in the fridge… plus you have a steady supply of them if you ever do need them for something specific)
  • Match up all your dishes and lids and get rid of any non-matching pieces (check if you’re using any bottoms without tops anywhere else in your home first)
  • Toss out any containers that are discoloured (see this link for an explanation why)
  • Give away or donate any containers you have not used in the last 3 months (or use them to organize small items in your craft room or garage)
  • Think about how many containers you actually need and what sizes you use most and purge further if necessary until you meet that goal (e.g. if you have 21 medium sized containers you can likely give away some – you probably can’t even fit that many in your fridge!)
  • Consider keeping containers that are all from a particular set so they can stack easily and you can find corresponding lids easily

Pictures and Links to Inspire You

Here are a few links to help you decide what plasticware to keep and what to purge, as well as tips for storing your plastic food containers. You can even combine aspects of different organizing methods.

  • I recommend keeping lids and containers together so it’s really easy to find what you need (it takes up a bit more space, but if you get rid of all those containers you never use anyway, you’ll have more space and this way you can find what you’re looking for MUCH quicker!)
  • If you don’t have much space, I also suggest stacking/nesting dishes (which is easy if you have sets of matching containers).
  • You can also keep the lids in a large container. You can see that demonstrated in this video by Alejandra (I love the part where she points out that she never has an empty plasticware cupboard from using all her containers at once… so true… but yet so many of us keep holding on to way too many containers!)

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If You’re On A Roll…

Spend some time figuring out the best way to organize your containers and lids for your space. This will help prevent the avalanche of plastic.

Decide whether a cupboard or drawer is better.  You can store lids in an under-the-shelf rack, an old dish rack, or a file sorter. Use racks or baskets on the back of the cupboard door to keep small containers or lids.  Use large baskets to stack containers in so there’s less chance of them toppling over. 

Good luck with today’s decluttering project!  I’d love to hear how you did, so please leave a comment and use the hashtag #31DaysEasyDecluttering when you share your pictures.

How many plastic containers and lids did you declutter today?  How do you organize your food storage containers to keep the clutter at bay?  Any purging tips I missed?

If you need help decluttering, contact me for in-person organizing services in the Mississauga area, or virtual organizing services anywhere else.

Happy organizing decluttering!