Before and After

Want to see what we can do with your space?

We hope these before and after transformations are as satisfying for you to slide through as they were for us to organize.

Messy Basement Organized basement


After 40 years of accumulating items in her basement, this client was ready to let go of things so she can downsize when she's ready. With our help she decluttered about 90% of the items in her home!
Craft Room landscape organized craft room

Craft Room

This client's craft room was so cluttered it wasn't usable. We worked with her to declutter items she wasn't using, relocate things that didn't belong, and organize everything she was keeping. She loves the end result and has gone back to crafting again!
Cluttered basement Organized basement


Over time this basement had become a dumping ground. After decluttering and creating zones (toys, kitchen overflow, sports, etc.) this family was able to find what they needed and have space to play!
Cluttered Basement Organized Basement


This client's basement storage room was filled with boxes that were never fully unpacked when they moved a few years earlier. They called us to help them decide what they still needed and donate what wasn't. We organized everything into bins on shelves so they can easily access their belongings now.
Messy garage Organized garage


This client wanted to be able to park a car on this side of their garage but it was so full they didn't know where to start. We helped them declutter items they didn't need or use, relocate items that could be stored elsewhere, and organize items on the shelves to create space for their vehicle. Their vehicle thanked them when winter came!
Cluttered Storage Unit Empty Storage Unit

Storage Unit

This client stored items in a storage unit following the sale of her parents' home. Several years later she realized she needed help to go through them. She donated a lot of things and took a few special items to her home. Now she no longer has those storage fees and feels freer!
messy kitchen organized kitchen


Kitchen counters can become overflowing without systems in place. We helped this client declutter their counters and create "homes" for items in drawers or cabinets for the things that tended to collect on her counters. This gives more space for food preparation and the kitchen feels less overwhelming.
Cluttered storage room Organized Storage Room

Storage Room

These shelves had been used previously for kitchen overflow items but over time they became unusable because so many things were left on the floor in front of them. We helped this client let go of some items and then created better zones on the shelves so everyone in the family could easily put things back on the shelves, rather than the floor.
Cluttered office organized office


This office had become so cluttered and unorganized over time that the client wasn't able to work in it. We helped her clear her desk and put some systems in place to keep it open and usable moving forward. She was happy to be productive in her office again.
Cluttered bedroom Organized bedroom desk

Bedroom Office

The office part of this bedroom had become very overwhelming. Eventually this client will remove even more, but for now we helped her declutter a lot of items she was no longer using and the room feels so much more peaceful.
Messy craft room cabinet Tidy craft room cabinet

Craft Room

This craft room has so much storage but there was no space for the client to actually make things because it was too full of materials and partially finished projects. We helped the client choose her favourite types of crafts and give away other supplies. After organizing her supplies, she is now able to utilize her space to craft again.
Disorganized Bedroom organized bedroom


A spare bedroom can easily become a place where things are stashed. We helped this client establish places for everything in this room so it can now be used as a guest room when needed and storage for items that aren't used regularly. Her guests loved it!

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