31 Days of Organizing Tips

If you need some help organizing your home but you don’t have a lot of time or you aren’t sure what to do, then this series is for you! 

Welcome to 31 Days of Organizing Tips!

This series gives lots of tips to help you get organized. You can use these posts as a daily challenge if you’re organizing your whole home, or just pick and choose the posts that will help you the most.

Some posts focus on specific areas of your home and some are general tips that you can apply in any space. Will you have a completely organized home if you follow the tips in all 31 posts? Maybe! Or maybe not, depending on your home and which tips you apply. But you will make progress, which is important. You can keep coming back to these posts as you continue your organizing journey.

This was originally a daily series of posts from 2012, not long after I started blogging, and before I began my professional organizing business, but now that I’ve been organizing for over a decade, I’ve completely updated all the posts with proven tips I use in my own home or with my clients. You’ll even see some pictures of the tips in action in my home or in my clients’ homes. I also share pictures and links to other blogs and websites to give you examples of how to apply many of the tips. My hope is that as you read these posts and apply the strategies you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Please contact me if you have any organizing questions.

Happy organizing!