31 Days of Organizing Tips: Day 13 (Linen closet)

Welcome to Day Thirteen of the 31 Days of Organizing Tips series!  Throughout this series I’m sharing organizing ideas to help you on your journey from overwhelmed to organized. 

Today’s tip is to help you organize your linen closet. Linen closets can often become a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t have a home (you know… that place where you quickly put things when you’re tidying before someone comes over!). So, as you organize your linen closet, think about what you want to store in it and what should be relocated to others places in your home.  Here are some overall tips for your linen closet:

  • De-clutter any items you haven’t used in awhile (extra sheet sets, older towels, excess toiletry items, etc.).  
  • Take the opportunity to wipe down the shelves while they are empty. Closets don’t get dirty as quickly as some areas of the house but they don’t typically get cleaned as often either.  
  • Group like items together.  
  • For containers in the linen closet, some people use baskets for towels, wash cloths, etc. Others use shelf dividers to help keep stacks of towels from falling over.  You can decide what will work best for your space and the size and depth of your shelves.  

Here are some simple tips for keeping your linen closet organized:

1.  Keep your sheet sets grouped together in a pillow case. This keeps all the pieces together so you’re not rummaging around searching for missing pieces and it looks much neater in your closet. Plus, you don’t have to mess around with folding a fitted sheet! Personally, I would put the pillow cases the other way on the shelf so it looks even neater.

Sheets grouped together in pillow cases in an organized cabinet.

Storing Sheets

2.  Use baskets to group like items together and have a more organized look and feel. I use these in my linen closet for hand towels and wash cloths (so much neater than piles) and overflow feminine hygiene products (much prettier than all the packages). I also use baskets in our bedrooms for sheets so I don’t have to fold the fitted ones.

Organizing the Linen Closet

3.  Group towels by colour or family member

Towels neatly folded and organized by colour and size.

Organized Linen Closet

4.  Roll your towels (especially large ones).  This makes it easier to get one out without making a mess of the pile.

Rolled towels on a shelf.

Tweaking & Organizing the Linen Closet

5.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fold your towels so they maximize the space you’re storing them in.

How to fold towels

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For Day Thirteen, organize your linen closet.  If that sounds overwhelming, choose one of the tips from this post and do that in your linen closet (like put your sets of sheets into their pillowcases or roll your towels).

How do you organize your linen closet? What’s the trickiest part to keep organized?

If you need help decluttering or organizing, contact me for in-person organizing services in the Mississauga area, or virtual organizing services anywhere else. 

Happy organizing!