“Whether you seek to to make better use of your living or work space or you need someone to help you combat serious clutter, Hilda Rodgers should be your first call.  She will come to wherever you are and quickly assess your needs and logically map out a solution.  In a non-judgemental fashion she helped me to reduce clutter in my kitchen making it a more functional area.  She was able to identify items that were redundant or rarely used and suggest ideas allowing me the final say in a plan of action to transform the space.  I liked her approach especially as she made me feel comfortable and not embarrassed of my clutter; above all she took care to consider my special psychological needs as a confessed “pack rat”.  If I had trouble letting go of an item, she had tips and suggestions to help me to reframe the decision in my mind and keep me realistically focused on my goals.  She redesigned the location of some items to a more practical location and helped me purge some items.  As a result, my kitchen is now my favourite room in my home as it is not only functional but is a pleasure to be in as it is not over-cluttered.  I encourage anyone looking to become more organized in any room of their home or office to allow Hilda the opportunity to inspire you.”

Elizabeth H. (Mississauga, Ontario)


“Hilda has an amazing, friendly, and positive approach.  She works effectively and efficiently in completing tasks.  Hilda helped me with packing and unpacking when we moved….no that makes it sound too easy.  Trust me, this was a task for a minimum 4 person team!  She had the task of packing up 4 double door/walk-in closets in literally 3 hours.   Hilda is trustworthy and reliable, as proven when she took on the packing by herself, without any need for direction.  Then at the new house, because of Hilda’s strong organizational skills and efficient work ethic, she ensured our new home was fully unpacked and organized…on the same day we moved!  Her unique and creative solutions, coupled with her hard work, made me feel relaxed and took away any anxiety that a big move creates.  I would hire Hilda unconditionally, because I know with her I will go from feeling overwhelmed to organized!”

Natasha F. (Oakville, Ontario)


“I would highly recommend getting a personal organizer like Hilda.  We have used house cleaners before in our house, and they help a lot, but they were never able to deal with the real issues, which are getting rid of clutter and setting up organizing systems that keep our house neat and tidy.  Hilda was able to help us eliminate our clutter and implement systems that work for our family to help keep our home clean and organized.  The kids’ homework area is the best example.  Hilda established a backpack location, where everything goes when our two kids come home from school, and everything stays until it is needed the next day.  This allows our front door area to stay clean and uncluttered when guests arrive.  Thanks so much Hilda!!”

David R. (Mississauga, Ontario)